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The orchestra does a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. Once the final dates have been worked out, I will post that information here. If you would like to help with any of the fundraisers, Mrs. Franklin sure could use you! For these amazing music programs to continue, fund raising is a must and Mrs. Franklin can not do it alone. Any help is appreciated - handing out information, collecting and tallying orders, distributing orders, making phone calls...etc etc. We'd love to have your help. Not sure you can? Please call or email me and I'm sure we can find something that you will enjoy doing that will also benefit the orchestra at the same time.

Spring Concert & Ice Cream Social May 17, 2017

Current info (15, & 16) to be posted soon.

If you're new to the program, here's what we did last year to give you an idea of how this works. Of course ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

2013 total was $502 !  2014 goal = $650 !     Yes, thanks to your appetite for ice cream, I was able to give Mrs. Franklin $502 to go towards program expenses last spring. Now, let's bust that number to pieces for the May 14, 2014 fundraiser and shoot for $650.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL - it's not just for the jazz program anymore! Look for YOUR ice cream social to happen in the spring! This is something that I (Roberta) personally organize to give back to the wonderful program at ASI/BHS.There's 2 ways this could work, out but either way 100% of the proceeds goes to either an item of Mrs. Franklin's choice, or cash into the account - either way your student will benefit, and they get a great build-your-own Ice Cream Sundae! We will offer 2 different sizes, 5 different flavors of ice cream, and countless toppings, whipped cream and even a cherry or two on top!!sure to please people of all ages!

Keep in mind this program can not run without the help of parents and our community - so please ask how you can contribute today!